9SH Hitler Youth

  1. What kind of lessons did Nazi Children have in schools?  Find THREE examples of Nazi propaganda in schools in Nazi Germany.  What was the point of this?
  2. What happened at the Hitler Youth Meetings and the BDM?
  3. Write a paragraph to answer this question….
    1. “How important were children in Hitler’s Germany?  How and why did Hitler and the Nazi’s exploit children?”


Crime and Punishment exam tomorrow morning

hey all lovely people…..

Tomorrow’s exam is Crime and Punishment.  Remember that this exam tests your ability to compare time periods and features (as the questions will ask you!)

  • Remember BUG the question.
  • If the question says own knowledge don’t be shy to show off what you know!
  • spend a few minutes planning your answers
  • answer ALL the questions demanded, (q1,2,3, 4or 5, 6or 7)
  • get to bed on time tonight
  • have some breakfast (toast is in the canteen in the morning)
  • me and Mr Rigby are in from early tomorrow so come and see us if you need to.

see you all in the morning, Mrs Roberts Mr Rigby


Year 11s help please!


I think that one of you has picked up my answers from Tuesday’s session – if there is anyone who came along to the revision session on TUESDAY and has a copy of the answers that I wrote, please will you snap them on your cameras and either post them onto this post or email them to me on my school account.

For safeguarding purposes, please use your school email or you can use your parents email and send to me that way!!

Thank you lovely people,